Luca Porcelli
A flamboyant man whose taste for sudden colors and hyperbolic, baroque aesthetics can be found joyously arranged in his wardrobe as well as in the elaborate figurative tattoos that cover a great deal of his body, Luca Porcelli was born in Naples in 1966.
From photography to a successful career as a fashion designer in Kenya, from painting to organizing fashion shows and events; his overwhelming creativity has never ceased to flow.
Today, his functional art reveals the evolution of his aesthetics pushing to a further level his pleasure in transforming home space into a sophisticated playground.
Focussing on the quest for beauty and opulence through deliberately hazardous yet sublimely refined colour combinations, the use of the finest materials, and the most traditional crafting techniques, Luca Porcelli expresses his own amusement and amazement for the infinite ways of infusing art and uniqueness into something unexpected.